I started this as a recent history graduate, living and working in Beaver Falls, and hoping to keep myself sharp. It worked well for that purpose and got me through an MA in Religion at Trinity School for Ministry (with a focus on Church History and Theology).

Then I swiftly pivoted from studying the problems of the world to trying to do something about them. This led me, naturally, to Washington, DC to a wild life as a communications professional for a national advocacy organization. Still, I find myself drawn to reading complicated things and thinking carefully about them in public.

That is the goal in all this: to learn how to actually read and think. These seem like worthwhile life goals.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. The name of the blog is a mystery to me. Are you referring to the Belhar Confession? Or is it in reference to something else?

  2. It’s in reference to a private joke. Only problem is, the private joke isn’t very funny, so we’ll say its about Belhar. Gives it a nice, South African, twist.

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