Me, elsewhere

For a description of some of what I’ve been doing for a day job, check out my resume, here.

Some of the more interesting things I’ve written in other places are below.

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The Amish and the Apocalypse (Sojourners Magazine, November 2017)

Seeking a Higher Return (Sojourners Magazine, November 2017)

Finding God in Traffic (Sojourners Magazine, August 2017)

Coalitions of the Wary (Sojourners Magazine, March 2017)

“I Explain Things to Women at Parties”

Christian Century

Discipleship Through Covenant Friendship (July 2017)

Christ and Pop Culture

“Amanda Palmer’s Emotion-Centered Aesthetic”

“Men Don’t Dig on Dancing”(Christ and Pop Culture Mag, Vol 3, Issue 15)


New Song Sing-Along

This Mind Among Yourselves

Rich Kids of Instagram… and Jesus

Shared Justice

“Pope Francis is Visiting: Here’s What We Can Learn”

“Three Ways to Pray for Our Political Leaders”

(All of the things I’ve written in other places)